Gardening Club Meeting #1

New 4-H Gardening Club Started in C-K

The 4-H Gardening Club held their 1st meeting of the year at the farm of Carl and Julie Sterling, in Pain Court, on April 30th.

The members were welcomed by leaders Julie, Carl, Rob, and Katrina Sterling. Club objectives were discussed. All members will be required to grow their own produce. Members will learn about crops grown in Chatham-Kent where “We Grow for the World”.

Elections were held and the President is Kat Janovicek, Vice President- Nic Willemsma, Secretary- Juliana Willemsma, Press Reporter- Matthew Sterling, Photographer- Hanna Willemsma.

Members had the opportunity to tour Laprise Farms Ltd in Pain Court where they learned about greenhouse growers. Over 10 crops start in this greenhouse operation in the form of plug plants. They grow over 50 million tomato plants per year. For a head start, the plants go into a germination chamber that maintains a constant humid temperature of 80 degrees fahrenheit. Members were able to see the stages from seeding to shipping. Growth charts are maintained for every crop. Early and late crops grow differently. Sunlight and temperature make a large impact on the growing period. The amount of nutrients and water applied also determine the length of grow time. Every day decisions are made to control these factors so that the correct growing pattern is achieved. Lots of nutrients are fed to the plants one day before shipment. This gives them a boost for when they get planted. About 60% of their plants are shipped within 15 miles of the greenhouse. Some go as far as Quebec.

The clubs next meeting will be held at the home of Rob and Katrina Sterling on May 16th, at 7:00 pm.

Contact: Matthew Sterling
Press Reporter


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