Chatham-Kent Top Male and Female

Details: Sponsored by Scotiabank, Blackburn Radio and C-K Chamber of Commerce

Presented at the Rural Urban Banquet in November

This is the Chatham-Kent’s most sought after and most prestigious 4-H award(s) only given out once per person and is presented at the Rural Urban Dinner held in November.

To qualify:

  • Member must be at least 15 years of age as of January 1
  • The member must have completed at least one 4-H club during the current year (competitive or non-competitive)
  • A minimum of 12 projects must be completed comprising of both non-competitive and competitive clubs
  • The member should demonstrate 4-H enthusiasm and leadership qualities (ie. Have attended 4-H camps, conferences and involvement in community activities, church, school, fair boards, volunteer work, etc.)
  • A leader or member can submit nominations. Submit a name and give a description of why you think this member deserves this award.

The nominee will provide:

  • an essay  listing county, regional, national events they participated in, past positions held, awards received, volunteer work, sports, community involvement, other interests and activities outside 4-H as well as discuss what makes you theTop Male or Female.

The awards committee will than get a transcript of the member’s 4-H history.  Interviews may follow to select a winner for each category.

Contact: Janet Campbell at 519-352-2950 or

Submission deadline: October 14th