Kent Centre Lifeskills Club Achievement Day

On May 28h, 2016 the Party Planners Club held their Achievement Day in the 4-H Barn on the Ridgetown Fairgrounds at 6:00 pm.  The Achievement Day party theme was Country Western and the 4-H Barn was decked out with straw bales, twinkling lights, and flowery centrepieces.  Morgan opened with the 4-H pledge and then asked all of the 4-H members, then siblings and finally parents and grandparents to come up and grab their dinner from all of the dishes people brought for a potluck.  After everyone had gotten their food, we ate and then played some games.  We had organized “Chuck the Straw”, the Human Knot, Obstacle Course races and “Taxi” for all of the 4-H members and their siblings to play. The adults also played the Human Knot. After games, we went inside and the group that organized the party put on some line-dancing music and invited anyone who wanted to dance to come up and join them.  After we had danced to a few songs, some of the adults went and started a campfire and marshmallows and roasting sticks were brought out for everyone to enjoy a cooked marshmallow.  To finish off the evening, everyone lent their hand in the clean-up process and then the meeting was adjourned at around 10:00 pm.

By: Molly Sayers

Congratulations to all of the members who completed the Kent Centre Party Planner Club this year!



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