Women’s Institute 4-H Bursary

Details: Awards sponsored by local Women’s Institute – Two (2) $200.00 bursaries.

Awards: 1 Female and 1 Male will be selected.

Eligibility: For the 2017 scholarship, students must complete a 250-word essay, answering the question: “Thinking outside the box, how can Women’s Institutes and 4-H youth collaborate to revitalize their communities?”

  • Applicant must be a Chatham-Kent resident and a prospective high school graduate. Previous winners are not eligible.
  • Full-time students entering their first year of studies at a post-secondary institution.
  • List your extracurricular activities (eg. school activities).
  • Describe your volunteer leadership work, sports, other interests, community activities and accomplishments outside of 4-H.
  • List the number of 4-H projects you have completed and the number of years as a member.
  • List the county, regional, provincial, national and international events participated in during your 4-H career.
  • Describe your 4-H leadership activities.

Contact: Janet Campbell at 519-352-2950 or chathamkent4h@gmail.com

Submission deadline: October 31st