Vet Club – Meeting #7


Dissecting a Frog

4-H Veterinarian Club May 3, 2017
Seventh meeting at leader Marcia Vermey’s house

We began our final meeting with the 4H pledge. Then our Secretary Molly did rollcall, which was, “What is something you would like the Vet Club to do next year?” The minutes were read and adopted. Kelly then read the treasurer’s report which was adopted. Mathew Vermey, our Youth Leader, did a presentation about frogs which included its classification, habitat, and anatomy. The members then split into two groups. One group watched a dissection of a frog while the other group worked on the club poster. Each group then switched so that everyone could view the frog dissections and work on the poster. A number of announcements were made and plan for Achievement Day were discussed. The meeting was then adjourned.


Vet Club – Meeting #6

All About Parrots

4-H Veterinarian Club April 17, 2017
Sixth meeting at St. Mary’s Church, Blenheim

We began the sixth meeting of the vet club with the 4H pledge. Then Molly did rollcall, which was, “What is something important to remember to do when speaking in public?” The secretary minutes were read and adopted. Kelly then read the treasurer’s report which was adopted. We then went to the basement of the church where we listened to members of the Chatham-Kent Parrot club present about the care of parrots. The members of the parrot club had their parrots with them and they shared information about the care and personalities of their own parrots. After the presentation, the 4-H members were able to talk with each of the parrot owners individually. Our club members then moved back upstairs. Matthew Vermey, our Youth leader split us up into two groups and we did a team building activity. The lawn mower raffle tickets and the 4-H manuals were discussed. The members were split into six groups and were asked to choose an exotic animal and make a poster about their care.

Farm Toy Club – Achievement Day

The 4-H Farm Toy Club presented a cheque for $3,400 to Brenda Leclair of Chatham Outreach for Hunger during their Achievement Program held April 22, 2017 at Chatham Retirement Resort. The funds were raised at the Chatham-Kent Toy Show and Sale held in January where the club members provided their assistance.

The following pictures are from the Achievement Program where members of the 4-H Farm Toy Club displayed their projects at the Chatham Retirement Resort.


Poultry Club – Meeting #2

Written by Club Reporters – Cameron Trepanier & Alex Duncan

April 18th, 2017

  • Called on Vice President Ryan Heyboer to hold meeting
  • Recited 4H Pledge
  • Secretary was not present for meeting, Cameron Trepanier read notes from previous meeting
  • Asked if there were any errors, one of the last names were wrong, moved to accept notes, notes accepted
  • Role Call – state your name and favorite breed of chicken
  • Reminder of meetings to follow
  • Call on Kate Thompson from Uher Performance / Bonnie’s Chick Hatchery
  • We have the choice of 3 different birds this year
    • Plymouth Barred Rock
    • Black Sex link
    • Rhode Island Red
  • Because we are a 4H club, we are being exempt from many costs. We will not have to pay for the Form 300
  • We need to have the exact address of where our birds are being kept on the Form 300, when we are ready, we take our Form 300 to the Abattoir for processing.
  • Afterwards, we can also decide to keep the remainder of our chickens for laying eggs, note they lay brown eggs
  • We will be filling out our forms tonight to order our chickens, hoping for a June 30th delivery date
  • We will be contacted once they are in to come and pick them up and pay for them. They will be one day old and they will also have all of the supplies we need available for purchase.
  • We will be holding a future meeting regarding care and will have pamphlets available to us for additional information
  • Order forms went around, where everyone filled out their personal information and what type of chickens they will be receiving
  • Spoke about judging night, a social event where food will be provided as well.
  • There are many different things present for judging such as :
    • Poulty/chicken
    • Goats
    • Cucumbers/Maple Syrup
  • Things to remember when judging
    • be respectful – hats off
    • no fidgeting
    • make sure to write down all of your reasons for your decisions
  • We will practice a little bit every week
  • We then practised judging with pens
    • what was the best one for writing an exam with
  • Kate will be back May 9th with exact figures and date our chickens will be delivered
  • It was announced we would have a guest speaker and presentation next meeting
  • Spoke a little but about the Canada’s 150 parade
    • Ideas – glow sticks and leis
  • Ryan then adjourned the meeting.

Poultry Club – Meeting #1

Written by Club Reporters – Cameron Trepanier & Alex Duncan

March 28th, 2017

  • 4-H Pledge recited
  • 4-H Motto recited
  • Roll Call consisted of your name and telling everyone your favourite part of a chicken
  • Divided into Groups
    • Once in groups, we needed to find out 4 things we all had in common
  • Divided into Groups of Girls and Boys
    • Once in groups, we needed to find out 4 things we all had in common
  • We then got into discussion of what this year’s 4H club was going to look like and the things we would be doing with our chickens.
    • We will be purchasing Rhode Island Red Birds, which had a dual purpose (laying or meat)
    • They will be roughly $3.32 a bird and if we want more than 4 we will need to let them know by the 1st week of June
    • This year, we will be picking one of our chickens to be auctioned off and slaughtered. Which means we will have to fill out a Form 300 as well as keep a detailed log of our chicken.
    • There will be a $7 fee for this form as well as administration fees that we will know more about at the next meeting
    • We will receive them at 2 weeks of age in July.
    • By the time of the Highgate Fair they should be 12-14 weeks
    • They will be sexed but not de-beaked
  • After some discussion within the group we then moved on to Elections.
  • Results are as follows:
    • Reporter – Cameron Trepanier & Alex Duncan
    • Secretary – Lauren Sayers
    • Treasurer – Josh Heyboer
    • Vice President – Ryan Heyboer & Adria Holden
    • President – Andrew Vermey
  • We then discussed the Canada 150 parade being held in Ridgetown and if we wanted to participate as well as some ideas of what is participating looked like.
  • We also discussed the importance of the 4H website and all of the things it has to offer such as:
    • camps
    • conferences
    • competition
    • Discovery Days (6-12 in Ridgetown June 24, have to register by June 12th)
  • Youth Adventure Camp (Ages 12-15, Week of Aug 21-24 with a cost of $335)
  • We also discussed the rest of the meeting dates for the year
    • April 18th
    • May 9th
    • May 23rd
    • June 13th
    • July 11th
    • August 15th
    • September 12th
  • Judging will take place the 3rd week of July and we have to attend 7 out of 10 meetings
  • With that we adjourned the meeting.

Barn Quilt Club – Club Update

The Community Hertiage/Barn Quilt Club “Keep on Quiltin’ On” has been very busy over the last few months. With a club of 17 members, we have designed and painted 5 barn quilts! We are excited to announce that we have received the 4-H Canada Connecting Canadians grant, especially for celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday! We are inviting everyone to come and celebrate Acheivement Day with us at the East-Kent Celebrates 150th event on June 29th in Ridgetown.  Things will kick off at 6pm with a parade featuring tractors, antique cars, horses and riders as well as many floats and community partners.  There will then be a ceremony and time of celebration at the Ridgetown Fairgrounds.  Our club will be part of the ribbon cutting ceremony as we reveal our 2017 community quilt! Join us afterwards for cake and refreshments and then stay for some music and finally the huge fireworks show!  If you know of people who are not familiar with 4-H or who are new to Canada or our area (think refugees, new Canadians, visitors from other countries, etc.) please consider bringing them out to this event! Part of our commitment to the grant is that we “connect” with these groups of people, introduce them to 4-H and show evidence of their participation in our event. Thanks in advance for helping us to celebrate Canada’s 150th!!

Ridgetown Bike Gang – Club Update

Here is a photo from just before the Ridgetown Bike Gang (RBG) enjoyed a very muddy and challenging ride on the mountain bike trails at Two Creeks Conservation Area in Wheatley on Saturday, April 29, 2017. The club is looking forward to a much smoother ride at Point Pelee National Park the first (dry??) Saturday in May. Achievement Night is the International Ride of Silence on May 17, 2017 in Ridgetown. The Ride of Silence is a community event to remember those who have been injured or killed while cycling on the road. RBG family and friends will be joined by tandem cyclists from Trust Your Buddy. All are welcome to ride with us!

Wheatley 2017