Merlin Community Club – Meeting #6


On Tuesday, August 21, 2018 The Merlin Amazing Aggies met of their sixth meeting of 2018. The meeting was held at the Rhodes’ Farm.

We started the meeting off with the 4-H pledge; we then headed to the soybean field next door. All of the 4-H members took their pictures for the SeCan project.

While the food was being cooked, Oliver Brady recited the minutes from the last meeting. After that Ben Rhodes said the roll call “Confirm your commodities for Achievement Night”. The food was ready after everyone had said what crop they were going to do for their project. After everyone one was done eating we sang “Happy Birthday” to Abby Pepper.

We moved on to “harvest techniques”. Shaun Sullivan talked to the group about Shelled Corn, Ben Rhodes talked about Hay, Oliver Brady talked to the group about Soybeans, Cael Brady talked about Ear Corn and Ben Rhodes talked to the group about Wheat. The most important things to remember when preparing a sample are that you want a clean, healthy sample with uniformity and maturity. After the group was done writing down all of the important points that they needed, we then discussed what we were going to do on the International Plowing Match display board.

We discussed important dates, and our Western Bean Cutworm projects.

Oliver Brady then thanked Mrs. Rhodes for hosting the meeting at her home and for supper. The meeting was then adjourned.

Abby Pepper
Press Reporter

merlin 4-h harvest meeting six


Kit Club and Komoka Rabbit Education Day

The Kit Club went to Rabbit Clinic and Education day on August 4th 2018 at the Fletcher farm/Gold Creek Rabbitry. This was a joint meeting with the Middlesex 4-H Rabbit Club.  We were invited by the Ontario Council of Rabbit Clubs.

There were some very informative  sessions for us to listen to.  Dr. Sara Malone from Kentucky who breeds English Lops taught us about healthcare for rabbits.  We learned how to give penicillin and other medicines to a rabbit and the correct dose based on body weight. We learned about genetics and colours of a rabbit from Beth Collins a long time Mini Rex breeder.  We also learned about how to tattoo a rabbit correctly and the best method to use. There were many other classes offered including how to run a rabbit show and the Bunnies in Basket program where therapy rabbits go to visit people.

The Ontario Council of Rabbit Clubs asked the 4H clubs to set up the food booth for lunch.  The funds raised were split with both 4H clubs.

There was a youth show following the clinics. The categories were showmanship, pure breed and best pet. In the novice division Peyton Donais placed 1st in showmanship and 2nd for best pet. In the pure breed category Ashley DeVries placed 1st in the novice division. Our judge Shannon Carter provided feedback to improve our rabbits and handling skills.  Club member Lauren Gough practiced clerking for the judge.  The clerk records the judge’s placings and comments on the rabbits.

By: Ashley DeVries
Press Reporter


Kit Club Meetings # 6 & 7

Kit Club Meeting #6

We had a joint meeting with Middlesex 4H Rabbit Club on June 22nd at Twin Creeks in on Dobbyn Rd.  We started with a meet and greet introducing ourselves and our rabbits.  This was a fun filled games and trivia day with both clubs as we have a few events coming up together.  We got into teams and designed our own feed bags for hopping races.  We moved on to “Bunny Jenga”.  Thanks to the dollar store none of the pieces wanted to make a tower so with some creative problem solving we got them to finally stand.  It was great team work.  Rabbit trivia was a highlight of the day.  It wasn’t just rabbit knowledge but a bit of trivia from movies too.  We had a great final event of the day with the “Rabbit Farmer Relay”.  We aren’t sure which team actually won but it didn’t seem to matter by the amount of laughter.

By Lauren Gough

Kit Club Meeting #7

The Kit Club had their seventh meeting on Monday July 9th at the 4H barn from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. The club made a bristol board display for fairs and the I.P.M. The club also practiced showmanship with their rabbits for the upcoming rabbit clinic and information day.  Our next event is Dresden Exhibition on July 29th.

By Ashley DeVries

Garden Club – Meeting #3

Early Bird Gets the Grape

On July 9, 2018, the 4‐H Garden Club came together at the Early Acres Estate Winery on Pioneer Line in Chatham. The winery is family run since 1949. Some interesting facts are that the vineyard was planted in a horseshoe shape and grows 9 different varieties of  grapes. We learned all about the vineyard, and then we got a tour. Next, we went into the building where the wine is made and discussed more about the wine‐making process.

Lastly, we had judging practice. We judged footwear for corn detasseling and flashlights for weekend camping. Our meeting was closed by Mya and seconded by Cole. Our next meeting will be August 13, 2018.

Addison Towns
Press Reporter

Blenheim Field Crop Club – Meeting #2

Blenheim Field Croppers

The second meeting of the Blenhiem Field Croppers took place at the University of Guelph on July 5 th . This meeting was attended by 3 4-H clubs Merlin Crop Club, The Sheep Club and Blenheim Crop Club. The weather did not cooperate for us to go out to the fields by tractor and wagon so we stayed in the Livestock building.

There were three different topics that were presented to the participants; Dave Bilyea from the University of Guelph spoke on “Beyond Resistance” a very informative talk on herbicides and how diseases are spread by water and animals.

The second presentation was from Doug Young also from the University of Guelph, he spoke about Fertilizer placement, and how it affects the plants and how they grow. Finally, the last speaker was Horst Bohner from OMAFRA speaking about different types of soybeans and the importance of fertilizer management.

The meeting concluded with a question and answer session and refreshments.

Connor Ross
Press Reporter

Merlin Community Club – Meeting #5

On Thursday, July 5, 2018 at 6:00pm The Merlin Amazing Aggies met for their fifth meeting of 2018. The meeting was held at the University of Guelph, Ridgetown Campus for Diagnostic Days.

There were three 4-H clubs there.The Sheep Club, Blenheim Crop Club and the Merlin Crop Club. The three clubs were going to head out to the fields by tractor and wagon but due to weather alerts we were moved into the livestock building. The meeting started off with the 4-H pledge and the crowd was divided into three groups.

Each group went to a different speaker. Dave Bilyea from the University of Guelph spoke about“Beyond Resistance”. He discussed the various ways Ontario’s herbicide resistant weeds spread. He talked about the weeds seeds going airborne and spreading, earthworms pulling ragweed down into their burrows and the ground being worked and spreading the seeds and how they are also spread by water and through Mallard ducks scat.

Next was Doug Young from the University of Guelph and he spoke about “Fertilizer placement, root growth and how we can impact what goes on beneath our feet”. It was interesting to learn about the fertilizer placement and how it affects how many roots the plant has and how it will grow. We learned about fertilizer burn and how too much fertilizer stops the growth of the plants.

The last speaker we heard from was Horst Bohner from OMAFRA. Horst spoke about “How management decisions such as fertility, variety selection, and planting dates are essential components necessary to capture soybeans full yield potential”. It was very interesting to learn that there are approximately 3 million acres of soybeans grown in Canada and China is a major importer. The majority of the soybean crop goes to animal feed.

We had question & answers and then the meeting was finished with refreshments.

Abby Pepper
Press Reporter

Blenheim Field Crop Club – Meeting #1

The first meeting of the Blenheim 4-H Field Crop Club was held at Paul Campbell trucking boardroom on June 27, 2018 starting at 7 pm.

The leaders Paul, Janet and Stephanie Campbell and Alex Richardson welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order.  Members were chosen to lead the 4-H pledge.  The roll call was “What crops do you have planted on your farm?”  The leaders reviewed what was required to complete the club.  We then did a few mixer games.

Election of officers were held:  Ryan McKerrall – President, Colin Scott – Vice-President, Alex Ross – Secretary, Connor Ross – Press Reporter.

We then learned how to judge a class of writing utensils to write a math test and give reasons.  We broke into groups and practiced judging chain saws, wood pieces and drinking containers.

The next meeting will be held on July 5, 2018 at 6:15 at the University of Guelph, Ridgetown Campus.

Connor Ross
Press Reporter


Sugarbeet Club – Meeting #3

“Testing Technology in Sugarbeet Production”

Meeting 3 was held July 2, 2018 at Kerr Farms. Dave Hunters and his son Matt answered the list of questions that we have compiled for the growers to answer.  We learned about the way they produce sugarbeets. They explained the various test trials that they do to work towards increasing productivity of their sugarbeet crop. Also they talked about how they use technology to see the differences in their fields. They use a program called Climate View that allows them to collect data on several different variables that can affect their sugarbeet production. After they were done answering questions we went out back to their sugarbeet fields for a tour. We finished the meeting back at the shed where we judged different water cups that would be used while you are hoeing a soy bean field on a hot, humid day. Our next meeting is going to be Judging Night which is to be held July 18, 2018.

William McKerrall
Press Reporter

Sugarbeet Club – Meeting #2

“Learning Tips for Successful Sugarbeet Production”

Meeting 2 of the 4-H Sugarbeet club was held at Richards Rolling Acres farm. We learned about the way Mark Richards grows his sugarbeets. We also learned about his biggest challenges when farming and the best accomplishments he has achieved. After Mark was done answering the questions that we had for him, we went outside and looked at his self-propelled sugarbeet harvester and his strip till cultivator. The next meeting for the 4-H Sugarbeet club will be held on Monday July 2, 2018.

William McKerrall
Press Reporter

Sugarbeet Club – Meeting #1

“Welcome to the Chatham-Kent 4-H Sugarbeet Club”

Meeting 1 of the Chatham-Kent 4-H Sugarbeet club was held at the home of our leaders Maureen and Robert McKerrall on Monday, June 11, 2018. The meeting was called to order and the 4-H pledge was recited.  We talked about the clubs expectations for the year and the executive was elected. Ryan McKerrall is our President, Adam Noorenberghe is the Vice-President, Lexi Van Damme is the Secretary, William McKerrall is the Press Reporter and Ryan Heyboer is the Treasurer. This year we are going to visit several sugarbeet growers to learn how they successfully produce sugarbeets. As a group, we compiled a list of questions that we are going to ask each of the growers when we tour their farms.  Our next meeting will be held on Monday, June 18, 2018.

William McKerrall
Press Reporter

Sugarbeet #1