A Look Back on 2016

Did you miss the annual year end presentation? Take a couple minutes and check out what happened in Chatham-Kent this past year!


Sugarbeet Club Banquet

The 2016 4-H Sugarbeet Club held their awards banquet January 11, 2017 at Countryview Golf Course. We would like to thank the representatives of Michigan Sugar for attending the evening and providing their support.


Meet the Sayers, a 4-H Family!

Let’s Meet the Sayers Family!

Joining 4-H wasn’t something they had to think twice about.  It “looked and sounded like an amazing opportunity” for them to become more involved and learn more about topics that interested them. The Sayers Family, Paul, Amber, Molly (15), Lauren (11) and Carson (9), are very involved with the Chatham-Kent 4-H Association in various aspects as well as within their community on a large scale.  They are truly a great example of what it means to be a 4-H Family.

Molly has participated in countless different clubs from livestock to Lego Engineering, and has been to Discovery Days, Youth Adventure Camp and Career Mania, all of which she really enjoyed and recommends! Molly recently achieved the Gay Lea Award of Achievement for completing 24 clubs.   Lauren has been a member for 2 years and has completed close to 15 clubs now. She attended Discovery Days this past year and said “it was a really fun day” and that she “made lots of new friends”.  Lauren’s favourite club to date was the Poultry Club, where she most enjoyed learning how to show poultry and showing her rooster, Chester.  Carson made his 4-H debut this past year and joined Cloverbuds.  Carson said his favourite meeting was “going to meet Rob Reid at the Dairy Barn on the Ridgetown Campus and learning how to milk a cow and being shown how everything in the barn worked.” Carson has joined the Toy club this year as his first club as a true 4-Her.

When not at 4-H, Molly pursues piano, drama, guitar and choir among other activities. She can frequently be found playing the piano in church, much to the organist’s delight! Lauren also plays piano, guitar, sings in the Ridgetown girls’ choir and acts with Ridge Players.  She is passionate about animals and aspires to one day become a veterinarian or biologist. Carson enjoys collecting toy tractors of all shapes and colours and can always be found at the Chatham-Kent Toy Show (January 15th, 2017 at the J.D. Bradley Centre) with his ever growing display.  This year he is adding a campground feature, as a tribute to the family’s hobby of camping every summer.

Amber and Paul are not only proud 4-H parents, they have also taken on leadership roles within the association.  Amber participated in 4-H when she was in Girl Guides, completing the Pets and Healthy Living clubs.  She only returned to 4-H once they moved to Ridgetown and Molly became involved in the Chatham-Kent 4-H Program.  She now helps lead the Dairy club, Community Heritage club, Rabbit Showmanship and Rabbit Agility Clubs.  Their calendar is usually full of 4-H meetings once April hits!  Amber really enjoys helping the kids learn new skills and probably the best part is seeing the kids develop friendships and confidence and “learn to do by doing”.  Aside from 4-H,  Amber can be found working in the Dairy Barn at Ridgetown Campus and is actively involved in Sunday School at Turin Church (don’t miss the 3rd Annual Comedy night coming up this spring!), and chairing the parent council at Naahii Ridge Public School. Her best 4-H memory to date is taking pictures of the 4-H dairy kids outside of the barns at the Royal Winter Fair, with the CN Tower in the background: Growing up as a kid who went to the Royal on field trips, she never dreamed of being on the “inside” and being part of the show.

For Paul, the 4-H dad and C-K 4-H Board of Director, his first 4-H experience wasn’t long ago.  It began when he accepted a nomination as a director on the Chatham-Kent board in January of 2016. Throughout the past year, he could be seen at many local 4-H events always there willing to help a hand to ensure events ran smoothly.  As a 4-H parent, Paul is enjoying the knowledge he gains every time he joins one of the kids at a 4-H meeting. The “Annual” Ski Trip to London with Chatham-Kent 4-H, which began as a 100th Year Celebration, has come to be a highlight of his 4-H experience.  A great opportunity for a 4-H family outing! Outside of 4-H, Paul works for South West Ag Partners as the Inputs Manager and the rest of his time is filled with raising three 4-H kids!

Being a family of 4-Her’s leaves little time for other activities but the Sayers Family really enjoys the program and, although they might be slightly biased, “believe that C-K has the absolute best 4-H program out there.” 4-H has made them all more confident, improved public speakers and has allowed them to participate in camps, trips and conferences that they never would have dreamed of. They have created connections that span the country thanks to 4-H!

The Chatham-Kent 4-H Association appreciates everything the Sayers Family does to keep the 4-H program running in our county.  Congratulations to Molly, Lauren and Carson on their 4-H achievements and we wish them continued success in their personal 4-H journeys.

Farm Toy Club Meeting #2

4-H Members Prepared for Toy Show

The 2017 4-H Farm Toy Club held their second meeting at the shop of Carl and Julie Sterling in Pain Court on January 7, 2017.

The leaders of the club discussed the member’s participation at the upcoming Toy Show. The Chatham-Kent Toy Show and Sale will be held on Sunday, January 15th at the John D. Bradley Convention Centre in Chatham from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Vendors and those with displays come from throughout Southwestern Ontario and from as far away as Arthur. Some items available to see at the show include farm toys, trains, planes, trucks, action figures, dolls, sports cards, coins and collectibles. Members will have the opportunity to assist the incoming vendors and those displaying their treasures at the show. The club will have a display at the show to give visitors an idea what the 4-H Farm Toy Club is all about. Some members plan to display some of their own farm toys.

At the meeting, guest speaker Bill Terris showed the members how to make a road on their display board. After the demonstration, members took what they learned and painted roads on each of their own display boards. A second coat of paint followed. All members have their road in the same location on the board so that all boards can be joined together for a larger display. Mr. Terris also demonstrated how to make grass landscape as well as a gravel landscape on their boards. Making the landscape, buildings and objects on the boards to scale is very important. The emphasis is on making the display as realistic as possible. With members using their creativity, they can make a design that is realistic without it costing a great amount. The next step will be for members to make a design of what they would like to include on their diorama.

The clubs next meeting will be held at the Chatham-Kent Toy Show and Sale at the John D. Bradley Convention Centre at 565 Richmond Street in Chatham on January 15th at 10 a.m.

Written by:
Matthew Sterling
Press Reporter


Farm Toy Club Meeting #1

Small Scale Farming

The 2017 4-H Farm Toy Club held their first meeting of the year at the shop of Carl and Julie Sterling, in Pain Court, on December 19th.

The members were welcomed by leaders, Carl, Julie, Rob and Katrina Sterling. Members worked in groups to do a farm toy unscramble activity and got to know one another. Elections were held. The President of the club is Carson Sayers, Vice President–Kyle Ross, Treasurer–Josh Heyboer and Press Reporter–Matthew Sterling. Other eager members are Ian Lawton, Ryan Heyboer, Adam Smith, Alec Cameron and Wyatt Ball.

Club objectives and requirements were discussed. Each member will have a 3 foot by 3 foot board where they will be able to work on a 1/64th scale farm display. Safety is a priority when working on the displays and the leaders discussed the use of tools and the safety equipment and practices required. The members were able to cut some dense foam and glued it to the plywood. The foam will allow for items to be attached to the board and will allow for variations in the landscaping. The displays will have an adjoining road so that the displays can be set up side by side. Members will learn how to make various items such as trees, buildings and hydro poles for their display. Members were left with the task of painting the surface of the foam with a light colour to be completed for the next meeting.

The upcoming Chatham-Kent Toy Show and Sale was discussed. The show will be held on Sunday, January 15th at the John D. Bradley Convention Centre in Chatham. Members of the club will be able to assist with various tasks at the show. Many members plan to display some of their projects that they have completed on their own.

The clubs next meeting will be held at the farm of Carl and Julie Sterling on January 7, at 9 a.m.

Written by: Matthew Sterling
Press Reporter


Kent Centre Photography Achievement Night

Singing Loud For All To Hear
On December 9th, the 4-h photography club met for their achievement program! We all met in the art gallery of the Mary Webb Centre located in Highgate. Once we were all there we hung up our prints of our favourite picture we had taken so far before going upstairs where the Ridge Players were playing. As we all got seated we did the club awards! They called each member up one by one and said how many clubs they have completed. Then they gave out the awards from the contests that the newspapers, Chatham This Week and Farmers Forum had sponsored. There were two winners, Fiona Vanmol and Yvonne Wierenga. Each member was also given a calendar made with photos the members submitted. After the awards were given out we all sat back down and the Ridge Players began! They put on an amazing hour of music for us and many others! Once they were done singing, everyone was invited to head downstairs where their would be treats offered by our 4-h group. Then once we were downstairs in the art gallery, we each got to look at pictures that other people in our club had taken and artwork by other artists! We also got to get a snack while we walked around! There were lots of cookies and squares for everyone! As people slowly started to exit each member of the 4-h photography club got a box of popcorn from our club leaders, Janet and Stephanie Campbell before we grabbed our pictures we had brought with us and headed home!
Press Reporter,
Jordan Wills

Kent Centre Photography Club Meeting #6

Camera In The Sky!
The sixth meeting of the 4-h photography club was held on November 26th at 1pm. Everyone arrived at the Masterson Family’s home and we quickly got started. We started off the meeting with the 4-h pledge and role call which was if any of us had a drone or had used one before. Then our guests, Dan Foster and Tyler Hatton got started by introducing themselves, explaining what they use their drone for and what got them into drones. They showed us the different parts of the drone and told us all about the safety features and about the camera. Then after they were done explaining we got to watch a quick video that their drone had took on a farm. It was very interesting to see! Next we put all our warm clothing back on and headed outside to see the drone in action! We all had to stand back as the drone took off into the sky. Then Dan and Tyler explained to us how the drone would level itself out and that if you got too far away the drone would leave enough battery to come back to were it lifted off into the sky! After seeing the drone fly around for a little bit, we headed over to the barn where we took a group picture using the drone! It was really cool because we all had to look up at a camera that was in the sky! Next we headed back inside where it was warm. From there we each got to take turns flying the drone! It was a lot easier then it looked! Finally after each of us had tried out the drone, we got our snack which was some delicious Rice Krispie squares and talked about our achievement program! Then after we finished our Rice Krispies we got into small groups and went outside on a picture scavenger hunt! It was so much fun! We had to get pictures of stuff like bugs and we even got to make a human pyramid for one picture! Then after we finished the picture scavenger hunt, we closed the meeting and headed home.

Press Reporter,
Jordan Wills