Ridgetown Bike Gang – Club Update

Here is a photo from just before the Ridgetown Bike Gang (RBG) enjoyed a very muddy and challenging ride on the mountain bike trails at Two Creeks Conservation Area in Wheatley on Saturday, April 29, 2017. The club is looking forward to a much smoother ride at Point Pelee National Park the first (dry??) Saturday in May. Achievement Night is the International Ride of Silence on May 17, 2017 in Ridgetown. The Ride of Silence is a community event to remember those who have been injured or killed while cycling on the road. RBG family and friends will be joined by tandem cyclists from Trust Your Buddy. All are welcome to ride with us!

Wheatley 2017

Meet Kris, the C-K 4-H President!

Let’s meet Kris, the Chatham-Kent 4-H Association President!

Kris started her 4-H career at the age of 12, encouraged by her dad. He like many others told her how much fun 4-H was! She had already been showing beef cattle at the Hensall Fair but really wanted to participate in the 4-H beef show. Upon joining her local beef club, she became involved in a number of other clubs including sheep, veterinary, cooking, crafting, outdoor adventure, leadership and photography. Kris enjoyed holding a busy schedule, attending weekly 4-H meetings, learning and meeting up with friends.

As a 4-H member, Kris participated in the equivalent of Discovery Days today, Provincial leadership camp, and the Royal Bank Inter-Provincial Exchange (New Brunswick).  She participated in many Judging Competitions and Go For the Gold Competitions, including the Provincial level.  Kris was also fortunate to win some 4-H scholarships upon attending University. As a leader she has coached winning Go For the Gold teams and was a chaperone for the National 4-H Conference in Toronto one year.

‘Life changing’ is a buzzword when talking about past 4-H experiences and Kris’ story is no exception. In short, she has met many people and made many friends. She tells us “One of the people I met briefly at Provincial Leadership camp I ended up re-meeting when I started University.  We realized we knew each other when we saw each other’s photo from the event!” 4-H has also helped to increase her confidence. As a member, Kris tells us she was quiet and shy, finding it hard to express her options with others fearing she would be wrong. Through the 4-H program, she has learned it is okay to be wrong, in fact we all are sometimes! Since then, Kris has gained confidence in voicing her options, knowing she would have support. Not knowing exactly when it happened, Kris also became a public speaker!

Kris has a lot of 4-H memories but she still enjoys watching a good beef (or other livestock) show. The excitement of doing well in a show where you don’t expect too, is amazing!

Outside of 4-H, Kris enjoys spending time with her family, volunteering with the local Girl Guides, camping, hiking, canoeing/kayaking and reading (when she has the time!). She has a love for the outdoors, traveling and learning about other parts of the world. Some of her adventures include trips to Peru, Egypt, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Turkey!

As you see Kris at local 4-H events, make sure you introduce yourself and say a friendly hello, she would love to meet you!

Do you have questions for Kris? Leave a comment below.  Are you a current member, volunteer or alumni that would like to be featured on the blog? Let us know by commenting or e-mailing us at chathamkent4h@gmail.com!

Vet Club – Meeting #5

Learning from a Vet

4-H Veterinarian Club – Exotics 101 – April 5, 2017
Fifth meeting at Ridgetown Campus, Agronomy Building Room 126

Guest Speakers: Dr. Foot, Veterinarian

We began the fifth meeting with the 4H pledge and rollcall. Our Secretary Molly read the minutes and they were adopted by Matthew and seconded by Samuel. The meeting was then passed to Dr. Foot. We asked him a large number of questions, which were compiled from last meeting, about Veterinary Medicine and his personal experiences. The meeting was handed over to our Youth Leader Matthew who led the members in a team building exercise called “Lost at Sea”. The leaders then announced that because the club received a generous grant from Farm Credit Corporation (FCC) and because we won the Top Non-Competitive Club award in 2016, they were able to order t-shirts for all of the members.

Vet Club – Meeting #4

Exotics Aquatics

4-H Veterinarian Club – March 30, 2017
Fourth meeting at Ridgetown Campus, Agronomy Building Room 126

Guest Speakers: Ken Morman from the Chatham Aquatics Club

We began the meeting with the 4H pledge and the Youth Leader Matthew introduced Ken Morman, our guest speaker. Mr. Morman spoke on fish and other aquatic animals and how to keep them. We then had rollcall which was, “What is a name for the club?” The name “Chatham-Kent 4-H Vet Club: Exotics 101” was chosen by popular vote. The minutes of meeting two was read and adopted by Samuel and seconded by Ryan which was then carried. The minutes of the third minutes were read and adopted by Kelly, seconded by Maurice and then carried. The Treasurer, Kelly, then read her report and Maurice adopted it and it was seconded by Ben. The meeting was passed back to leaders and the “Making Motions” handout was acted out by members. We then split into groups and created questions for next week for our guest speaker Dr. Foot.

Vet Club – Meeting #3

All About Exotics

4-H Veterinarian Club March 22, 2017
Third meeting at Ridgetown Campus, Agronomy Building Room 126

Guest Speakers: Elizabeth Buck, Dr. Foot

We began the third meeting with the 4H pledge. We then had Elizabeth Buck speak to us about Public Presentations and we watched an example of one. Dr. Foot, a veterinarian, was then introduced by Matthew Vermey and Dr. Foot spoke about the changes in vet medicine, exotic animal classifications, and a wide range of other topics dealing with exotic animals. We then proceeded to have rollcall and the question was, “What was an interesting thing you learned at the Pet Expo?” or, “What was a highlight of the March Break?” The minutes were read and passed.

Vet Club – Meeting #2

Visiting the Pet Expo

4-H Veterinarian club March 10, 2017
Second meeting at the Pet Expo at the Bradley Center in Chatham

We began the meeting with the 4H pledge. We then listened to guest speakers Dr. Goldhawk and Kaitlyn, the Vet Tech from the Chatham Veterinary Hospital present on ticks and Lyme disease in pets. We then gathered and had rollcall. The question for rollcall was, “What are your plans for March Break?” We were then given a Pet Expo passport which we had to fill out after talking with several of the visitors who had displays at the event. We planned to meet back at 7:30 pm to watch a demonstration on exotic animals done by Hands on Exotics. The members were then free to look around and continue filling in the passport.

Vet Club – Meeting #1

Introduction to Vet Club 2017

4H Veterinarian club March 3, 2017
First meeting at Ridgetown Campus, Agronomy Building Room 126

We began the meeting with the 4H pledge, an introduction of the leaders, and this year’s club’s expectations and goals. We then discussed upcoming meetings and achievement day. We proceeded to have icebreakers led by the Youth Leader, Matthew Vermey. Next we had elections for executive positions Secretary, Press Reporter, Treasurer, President, and Vice-President. The following people were voted for the respecting office: Molly Sayers for Secretary, Samuel Kuivenhoven for Press Reporter, Kelly Verstraete for Treasurer, Andrew Vermey for President, and Patrick Buis for Vice- President. It was then decided that the choosing of the club’s name would be postponed. We reviewed Parliamentary Procedure and practised motions with a “Making Motions” script in which the members had to correctly put in the order of the motion.