Sugarbeet Club – Meeting #2

2017 Chatham-Kent Sugarbeet Club – Meeting #2
January 3, 2017
By: Lauren Ross

The second meeting of the 4-H Sugarbeet Club was held at the Croswell Michigan processing plant. The meeting was on January 3, 2017. It started at 10:00 am and ended at 12:00 pm. Our leaders called the meeting to order and we all said the 4-H pledge. Roll call was “ask a question to the tour guides from Michigan sugar”. Then we were greeted by Keith Kalso and he gave us a brief rundown of how the plant works. After that, we started our tour of the plant. First we saw where the trucks bring the beets to the plant and pile them. Next we saw where the rocks are separated from the beet pile and the beets are washed and sliced. Then we saw the diffusion and purifying step. After that, we saw the evaporating and crystallizing phase along with the separation and granulation stage. Finally we saw the packaging and distribution step. That was where Keith told us why there are stickers on the bags of sugar. It is because customers were complaining that the bags would unseal and some of the sugar would spill. We then ended our meeting in the front of the processing plant and took a group picture with the Michigan Sugar sign in the background. Our next meeting is yet to be determined.

Ryan thanked Keith Kalso of Michigan Sugar for giving us a tour of the Croswell, Michigan sugarbeet processing plant.


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