Sugarbeet Club – Meeting #1

Press Report #1 – 4-H Sugarbeet Club
Dec 29, 2016
By: Lauren Ross

On Thursday December 29, 2016 at 7:00pm we opened the first meeting of the 4-H Sugarbeet Club with the 4-H pledge. Then Maureen McKerrall and Rob McKerrall introduced themselves and talked about what we would be doing in the club this year. Next we did roll call and it was, “What was your favourite part of Christmas and why?” Next we played a game called “Spot It”. Then once we got done playing the game we did elections. President is Ian Lawton, Vice-President is Ryan McKerrall, Secretary is William McKerrall, Press Reporter is Lauren Ross and Treasurer is Halle Irwin. We then watched a four minute video about processing beets into sugar. The next meeting will be at Croswell, Michigan where we will be visiting the sugar beet processing plant to see how sugar is extracted from sugarbeets. Then Lauren McKerrall made a motion to close then meeting at 8:21pm and we enjoyed a snacks and social time.


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