Vet Club – Meeting #6

All About Parrots

4-H Veterinarian Club April 17, 2017
Sixth meeting at St. Mary’s Church, Blenheim

We began the sixth meeting of the vet club with the 4H pledge. Then Molly did rollcall, which was, “What is something important to remember to do when speaking in public?” The secretary minutes were read and adopted. Kelly then read the treasurer’s report which was adopted. We then went to the basement of the church where we listened to members of the Chatham-Kent Parrot club present about the care of parrots. The members of the parrot club had their parrots with them and they shared information about the care and personalities of their own parrots. After the presentation, the 4-H members were able to talk with each of the parrot owners individually. Our club members then moved back upstairs. Matthew Vermey, our Youth leader split us up into two groups and we did a team building activity. The lawn mower raffle tickets and the 4-H manuals were discussed. The members were split into six groups and were asked to choose an exotic animal and make a poster about their care.


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