Vet Club – Meeting #4

Exotics Aquatics

4-H Veterinarian Club – March 30, 2017
Fourth meeting at Ridgetown Campus, Agronomy Building Room 126

Guest Speakers: Ken Morman from the Chatham Aquatics Club

We began the meeting with the 4H pledge and the Youth Leader Matthew introduced Ken Morman, our guest speaker. Mr. Morman spoke on fish and other aquatic animals and how to keep them. We then had rollcall which was, “What is a name for the club?” The name “Chatham-Kent 4-H Vet Club: Exotics 101” was chosen by popular vote. The minutes of meeting two was read and adopted by Samuel and seconded by Ryan which was then carried. The minutes of the third minutes were read and adopted by Kelly, seconded by Maurice and then carried. The Treasurer, Kelly, then read her report and Maurice adopted it and it was seconded by Ben. The meeting was passed back to leaders and the “Making Motions” handout was acted out by members. We then split into groups and created questions for next week for our guest speaker Dr. Foot.


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