Vet Club – Meeting #1

Introduction to Vet Club 2017

4H Veterinarian club March 3, 2017
First meeting at Ridgetown Campus, Agronomy Building Room 126

We began the meeting with the 4H pledge, an introduction of the leaders, and this year’s club’s expectations and goals. We then discussed upcoming meetings and achievement day. We proceeded to have icebreakers led by the Youth Leader, Matthew Vermey. Next we had elections for executive positions Secretary, Press Reporter, Treasurer, President, and Vice-President. The following people were voted for the respecting office: Molly Sayers for Secretary, Samuel Kuivenhoven for Press Reporter, Kelly Verstraete for Treasurer, Andrew Vermey for President, and Patrick Buis for Vice- President. It was then decided that the choosing of the club’s name would be postponed. We reviewed Parliamentary Procedure and practised motions with a “Making Motions” script in which the members had to correctly put in the order of the motion.



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