Merlin Community Club – Meeting #2

The Crop Pros visit Peeters’ Mushroom Farm
By Elliott Vince

The Merlin 4H Crop Pros held their second meeting at the Peeters’ Mushroom farm on April 1st, 2017 at 9:00 AM. The tour guide was Keith Crewsot.

Mr. Crewsot first showed us the packaging area where they put the mushrooms into packages and send them off. Then, he showed us the compost room and described how the mushrooms grow. There were rows upon rows of compost like beds with tiny little mushrooms growing.

After that, he showed us another room and explained about mushroom spawn. He told us about the temperature that is needed for mushrooms to grow. He also told us some cool facts about how fast mushrooms grow. He said that he has seen some mushrooms fully grow in 6 hours!

Next, he brought us to a harvesting room. In that room, there were thousands of mushrooms growing and many more that were already grown sitting on the compost beds. Mr. Crewsot told us about the harvesting procedure and how the pickers picked the mushrooms. They pick the mushrooms, then cut the bottoms off and wash them, then package the mushrooms.

Then, Mr. Crewsot led us to a second harvesting room. There were mushrooms of all sizes growing on the beds. He told about different types of mushrooms, some that are good for cooking and some that are not.

And finally, he brought us back to the board room and we finished our meeting off with roll call activities and we judged hammers for bending steel. Most members judged the hammers by the same ranking due to the size and grip.



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