Merlin Community Club – Meeting #1

Merlin 4-H Field Crop Club Starts a New Year 

By Elliott Vince

It was an eventful start to a new 4-H year! The Merlin 4-H Crop Pros started their year off with a wonderful first meeting that was held on March 3rd, 2017 at 7:00 PM. Marg Nauta discussed the responsibilities and obligations of each member.

The meeting started off with leaders Marg Nauta and Gerry Sullivan introducing themselves. Then, the club members introduced themselves to each other. After that, the club did three group activities- one was where the group pulled a piece of paper out of a bowl with a statement on it and they had to answer it with their own opinion.

The second activity was where the group had to name an implement used to plant a crop or garden. The third activity was where the group had to judge bananas for eating. Most members judged the bananas based on colour and texture.

After that, members of the club chose a name for the field croppers. In the end, the name Crop Pros was chosen. The club elected members for the executive positions. Ben Rhodes was elected for president of the club, Shaun Sullivan was elected for Vice-President of the club, Owen Jack was elected for Secretary and Elliott Vince was elected for Press Reporter.


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