Farm Toy Club Meeting #2

4-H Members Prepared for Toy Show

The 2017 4-H Farm Toy Club held their second meeting at the shop of Carl and Julie Sterling in Pain Court on January 7, 2017.

The leaders of the club discussed the member’s participation at the upcoming Toy Show. The Chatham-Kent Toy Show and Sale will be held on Sunday, January 15th at the John D. Bradley Convention Centre in Chatham from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Vendors and those with displays come from throughout Southwestern Ontario and from as far away as Arthur. Some items available to see at the show include farm toys, trains, planes, trucks, action figures, dolls, sports cards, coins and collectibles. Members will have the opportunity to assist the incoming vendors and those displaying their treasures at the show. The club will have a display at the show to give visitors an idea what the 4-H Farm Toy Club is all about. Some members plan to display some of their own farm toys.

At the meeting, guest speaker Bill Terris showed the members how to make a road on their display board. After the demonstration, members took what they learned and painted roads on each of their own display boards. A second coat of paint followed. All members have their road in the same location on the board so that all boards can be joined together for a larger display. Mr. Terris also demonstrated how to make grass landscape as well as a gravel landscape on their boards. Making the landscape, buildings and objects on the boards to scale is very important. The emphasis is on making the display as realistic as possible. With members using their creativity, they can make a design that is realistic without it costing a great amount. The next step will be for members to make a design of what they would like to include on their diorama.

The clubs next meeting will be held at the Chatham-Kent Toy Show and Sale at the John D. Bradley Convention Centre at 565 Richmond Street in Chatham on January 15th at 10 a.m.

Written by:
Matthew Sterling
Press Reporter



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