Kent Centre Photography Achievement Night

Singing Loud For All To Hear
On December 9th, the 4-h photography club met for their achievement program! We all met in the art gallery of the Mary Webb Centre located in Highgate. Once we were all there we hung up our prints of our favourite picture we had taken so far before going upstairs where the Ridge Players were playing. As we all got seated we did the club awards! They called each member up one by one and said how many clubs they have completed. Then they gave out the awards from the contests that the newspapers, Chatham This Week and Farmers Forum had sponsored. There were two winners, Fiona Vanmol and Yvonne Wierenga. Each member was also given a calendar made with photos the members submitted. After the awards were given out we all sat back down and the Ridge Players began! They put on an amazing hour of music for us and many others! Once they were done singing, everyone was invited to head downstairs where their would be treats offered by our 4-h group. Then once we were downstairs in the art gallery, we each got to look at pictures that other people in our club had taken and artwork by other artists! We also got to get a snack while we walked around! There were lots of cookies and squares for everyone! As people slowly started to exit each member of the 4-h photography club got a box of popcorn from our club leaders, Janet and Stephanie Campbell before we grabbed our pictures we had brought with us and headed home!
Press Reporter,
Jordan Wills

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