Kent Centre Photography Club Meeting #6

Camera In The Sky!
The sixth meeting of the 4-h photography club was held on November 26th at 1pm. Everyone arrived at the Masterson Family’s home and we quickly got started. We started off the meeting with the 4-h pledge and role call which was if any of us had a drone or had used one before. Then our guests, Dan Foster and Tyler Hatton got started by introducing themselves, explaining what they use their drone for and what got them into drones. They showed us the different parts of the drone and told us all about the safety features and about the camera. Then after they were done explaining we got to watch a quick video that their drone had took on a farm. It was very interesting to see! Next we put all our warm clothing back on and headed outside to see the drone in action! We all had to stand back as the drone took off into the sky. Then Dan and Tyler explained to us how the drone would level itself out and that if you got too far away the drone would leave enough battery to come back to were it lifted off into the sky! After seeing the drone fly around for a little bit, we headed over to the barn where we took a group picture using the drone! It was really cool because we all had to look up at a camera that was in the sky! Next we headed back inside where it was warm. From there we each got to take turns flying the drone! It was a lot easier then it looked! Finally after each of us had tried out the drone, we got our snack which was some delicious Rice Krispie squares and talked about our achievement program! Then after we finished our Rice Krispies we got into small groups and went outside on a picture scavenger hunt! It was so much fun! We had to get pictures of stuff like bugs and we even got to make a human pyramid for one picture! Then after we finished the picture scavenger hunt, we closed the meeting and headed home.

Press Reporter,
Jordan Wills



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