Kent Centre Photography Club Meeting #5

Think Fast!

For the fifth meeting of the 4-H photography club we met at the Dresden Arena! From there we started our meeting with the 4-H pledge and welcomed our guest, Karlee Tye, a photographer that did mostly all types of photography, but liked motion shots the best! She started by telling us a little bit about herself and how she got into photography by taking photos of her brother who played hockey! From there she moved on to also taking pictures of horses and then on to almost everything. Next she showed us a scrapbook with pretty much all the stuff she has done as a photographer and then got us started! She showed each of us how to put our cameras on sports mode if we didn’t know how and her main tip was to pick one player on the ice and follow that player with your camera until they face you and that’s when you take the photo. She also told us to have our shutter speed pretty high, so it can take the photo quickly before the people or things move, in this case hockey players. Then we got to try it ourselves and take our own pictures. It took a little bit for us to get a hang of it, but we all ended up with a few good pictures by the end! After we were done taking pictures we went back into the lobby where it was warm and Karlee looked at each of our sunset/sunrise pictures we had taken earlier through the week and sent in. She liked all of them and was very impressed with each of our skills! Lastly before we ended the meeting we talked about our achievement program and decided we would be making a calendar! Then we said good byes to our guest speaker and headed home!

Press Reporter,
Jordan Wills



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