Kent Centre Photography Club Meeting #4

Picture Tour

Would you tour a photography studio if you got the chance? The 4-H photography club definitely would, so that’s what we did! We met again for the fourth meeting of the photography club on November 8th at Captured Moments located in Dresden. We started the meeting off with the 4-H pledge and then we started our tour! The first studio we toured was the baby studio which was basically a studio just for baby pictures! Their was a lot of cute animals they can play with and cute hats they could wear! Then we got to go into the second studio. The second studio had three walls and slides! One wall was graffiti with words like love and hope on them, the second wall was the side of a wood barn and the third wall was a garage door with a whole bunch of different signs! Then we looked at the slides that slid out in front of the graffiti wall which were all different designs and textures! Next we got to go back in the storage room where they had every prop they used! They had chairs, couches, suitcases and tons more! After we got to look through all the stuff they use, we went to the last studio, the holiday studio! The holiday studio is pretty much a studio that changes based on the holiday coming up, so when we went in, it was set up for Christmas! After we looked through the studios we went back and got to learn about the quality and grain of your pictures. We also got a demonstration of different lighting techniques and how having multiple lens can help you take better pictures! Then we took a group picture and we got to see them edit it and print one out for each of us! After that we got to go to the back where the photo booth is and take pictures in the photo booth with masks and colourful scarfs! Then we each got a copy of our photo booth pictures! Next we went out to the front and talked about different frames and how they would be put together. Lastly the photographers that work there each looked at two pictures we took through the week, one portrait and one animal picture, and gave us advice for next time! Then we planned out next meeting and said goodbye!

Press Reporter,
Jordan Wills


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