Kent Centre Photography Club Meeting #3

Picture Time

On Sunday October 30th the 4-H photography club met again for the third meeting! This time we met at Wilsons Conservation area in Blenheim. We all arrived promptly at 3:00 and started our meeting with the 4-H pledge and minutes from the last meeting. After our meeting was started we were handed over to our guest speaker, Chad Berry! We started off by getting to learn a few things about Chad like how he’s a professional photographer and that he mostly takes pictures of people. Then Chad told us about about photographing portraits. He said about trying not to always have the person or people your photographing always in the middle of the picture and instead over to the side. Then we partnered up and got to go take pictures of each other! After we took a few pictures he called us back and told us about lighting and how when your doing portraits if you just zoom in a little bit, it looks a lot better! He also said about how the best time to photograph is usually sunrise or sundown. Chad then sent us back out to take pictures of anything we wanted! After we let our imagination run wild we walked back to Chad and he showed us some handy tools on our cameras like the grid. He also educated us about the rule of thirds! After we learned a few new tricks each of us got to show him one of our favourite fall pictures we’d taken so far and he would give us helpful hints on how we could make our pictures even better! One of the main things he said was to watch what’s along the edges of your photo to make sure there’s no branches or anything distracting poking out. Finally after he looked at everyone’s photos we had to say good bye to Chad and end our meeting!
Press Reporter,
Jordan Wills

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