My Experience as a 4-H Youth Leader

By Matthew Vermey (Vet Club)

Throughout my year as a Youth Leader for the Vet Club, I have gained confidence as a leader and assumed a variety of leadership roles. It has made a positive impact for me personally and in my 4-H clubs.

The Vet Club covers a lot of information and content. As the Youth Leader, I tried to live by the 4-H motto, “Learn To Do By Doing”, by incorporating many hands-on activities to support members’ learning and skill development. Examples of this were the hand washing and lung model demonstrations, and the judging activity that I organized.

Many of the younger members tend to look up to the senior members. By leading a number of activities, I made an effort to connect with each member and included all members in the activities.

I enjoyed my opportunity to attend the Future Leaders in Action (F.L.I.A.) Camp this spring. Not only did I have a lot of fun but I also grew as a leader. F.L.I.A. gave me ideas I can use in groups such as ice breakers and warm-ups. I learned how to work with others, and recognized that we all have different strengths and abilities. As a result of my training and leadership opportunities, I feel more comfortable speaking in front of people, and feel that I have developed good team building and time management skills.

As a Youth Leader I have learned that leaders provide opportunities for others to build their confidence and express themselves. To be a good leader you must also be a positive role model to others. In an effort to learn from my experiences, I reflected on the activities that I led in the club and identified things that I liked and things I would change.

Being a Youth Leader allowed me to help the leaders of the club and get to know the members better. It has challenged me to step out of my comfort zone but in doing so has taught me many things about myself. I have learned to work well with others and have made many new friends along the way. I would like to thank 4-H for this opportunity.


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