Kent Centre Photography Club Meeting #2

4-Her’s Go Camera Shopping


For the second meeting of the 4-H photography club we met at Best Buy in Chatham! Once at Best Buy we learned about different types of cameras! We learned about point and shoot, DSLR, and mirror-less cameras! We also learned that the one main difference between an DSLR and a point and shoot camera is that an DSLR camera has a detachable lens. Next we got to test out a few tripods and see how they open and close! After learning about cameras we headed outside to do the 4-H pledge and take attendance. Our next stop was at Walmart where we were going to learn how photos are processed! There we got to hear about how they used to have chemical photo printers, but now they have printers that don’t use harmful chemicals. Next we got to look through the photo gifts they have and see how a few of them are put together. Lastly we got to look inside one of the instant printers to see where the paper is and how it doesn’t actually use ink and instead ribbon and light layers! Then we closed the meeting and grabbed a small treat before heading home!
Jordan Wills
Press Reporter

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