Ridgetown 4-H Beef Club Achievement Day

The Ridgetown 4-H Beef club held their Achievement Day at the Dresden Fairgrounds on Aug 27. The show started at 10:00 with our judge, Jason Van Esse, officiating. Our senior showmen started off the showmanship classes followed by our intermediate and novice classes. Our conformation classes were next with some friendly competition between members. The results of the day’s events were:

Showmanship                                                                                   Conformation
Senior:                                                                                                  Heifer calf:
1st Elliot Smith                                                                                    1st Emma Legue
2nd Hannah Sikkema
3rd Jacob Sikkema                                                                            Yearling Heifer:
1st Elliot Smith
Novice/Intermediate:                                                                    2nd Hannah Sikkema
1st Ben Rhodes                                                                                  3rd Jacob Sikkema
2nd Kora Rhodes
3rd Emma Legue

Grand Champion Heifer: Elliot Smith
Reserve Champion Heifer: Hannah Sikkema


Steer calf:                                                                                            Novice:
1st Ashley Pilgrim                                                                              1st Ashley Pilgrim
2nd Erica Pilgrim                                                                               2nd Ashanti Hurst
3rd Ahanti Hurst                                                                                3rd Erica Pilgrim

Yearling Steer:
Grand Champion: Elliot Smith                                                     1st Ben Rhodes
Reserve Champion: Hannah Sikkema                                        2nd Kora Rhodes

Grand Champion Steer: Ben Rhodes
Reserve Champion Steer: Kora Rhodes

Congratulations to all the members who competed. Your hard work and determination were showcased at the Achievement Day. After the final ribbons were handed out, the members and their families enjoyed a pot luck lunch.



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