Sugar Beet Club Meeting #5

We started Sugarbeet meeting #5 at the McKerrall’s house by calling the meeting to order by the club president.  We decided on our meeting secretary, which ended up being Brady.  The club did roll call at which time we had to say something we remembered from the sugarbeet study guide.  Next, Lauren, who was the secretary for the 4th Sugarbeet meeting at the Ridgetown Agricultural College, read us the meeting minutes.  The club president asked the club members if there were any errors or omissions.  One addition was to add the date for the next meeting.  Matthew then made a motion to adopt the minutes and Emma seconded the motion. The minutes were adopted.

Next we wrote a multiple choice test about sugarbeet facts from Michigan Sugar.  After the test, the club members went outside and we each picked a sugarbeet and practised preparing it for the judging for Achievement Day at Highgate Fair.  Then one by one we went and finished the test by answering an interview question with Wayne Martin, agriculturalist for the Ontario growers of Michigan Sugar.  While the other club members were waiting for it to be their turn for the interview,we are tried on our club jackets to make sure they fit properly.

Discussions were made about whether or not we will be doing a research report and a scavenger hunt for our manual or complete minutes for every meeting for the manual. It was decided that the research paper and scavenger hunt would be used for our manual.
The meeting was adjourned.



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