Sugar Beet Club Meeting #3

By: Ryan McKerrall

The 4H Beet club held their 3rd meeting on August 10, 2016 at Rob and Maureen’s farm. We called the meeting to order at 7pm and started with the 4H pledge.  After that we asked the roll call question; “Name a product that contains sugar (granulated white sugar)?” There were many different answers. We then proceeded with reading the minutes from the last meeting. They were read and approved by the president. We then paired up and went on a scavenger hunt were we read facts about sugarbeets that are on the upcoming test. In partners we did a true and false test on the facts we had just learned. We then played two rounds of Kahoot using the facts. We then talked about what our year end gift would be. The meeting was adjourned followed by snacks and drinks.


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