4-H Rabbit Showmanship Club

The 4-H Rabbit Showmanship club held their Achievement Day at the Highgate Fair on Sept 24. The day started with the introduction of the Judge, Becky May. Our Senior members showed first. Then our novice group showed in 2 heats. The first and second place members in each heat showed again to determine the Grand Champion and Reserve Champion. The results of the show were:

Senior Class:
1st – Molly Sayers
2nd – Morgan Anderson
3rd – Lauren Gough
4th – Lauren Sayers
5th – Rebecca Warwick

Novice Class Heat 1:
1st – Mackenzie Anderson
2nd – Will Reynolds
3rd – Dennis Warwick
4th – Maria Luimes
5th – Brandon Boersma
6th – Rebecca Ball

Novice Class Heat 2:
1st – Christiaan Luimes
2nd – Holly Reynolds
3rd – Julie Gallant
4th – Clay Powers

Our Grand Champion was Morgan Anderson and Reserve Champion was Holly Reynolds. All of our competitors showed poise and professionalism during the show and we congratulate them in completing the club.


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