Meet Sophie, a C-K 4-H Volunteer!

Let’s meet Sophie!

Sophie Jefferson is a current leader with the Chatham-Kent 4-H Association as well as a Huron County 4-H Alumni. Sophie currently works at DuPont Pioneer in Chatham in Supply Chain and Logistics. In her spare time, you can find Sophie not only volunteering with 4-H but also the Chatham Horticultural Society (currently holding the role of President) and the Chatham Granite Club.

Like many, Sophie grew up in a 4-H family.  When she and her sister were old enough to join 4-H, her mom and a neighbour started their local Wawanosh Life Skills club back up again. Through the club, she learned many skills not taught in school, ranging from bread making to small engines.  She uses these skills so often as an adult, that when she moved to Chatham for work, she decided to get involved in 4-H as a leader to help give youth in Chatham-Kent the same opportunities she had as a 4-H member.

Throughout her time as a 4-H member, she participated in many 4-H opportunities both at a local and provincial level.  She was a member of the Go for the Gold team in Huron and has also helped out as a leader with local Chatham-Kent events, attending the Ski Trip this past year. The one provincial opportunity that sticks out for her is Youth Adventure Camp (YAC) when she was a member, at the age of 13. Through YAC she was given the opportunity to meet many new friends from across Ontario.  She is still in contact with some of the members she met, and one was actually her lab partner in a first year university course!

4-H is continually being named as a life changing program, in a variety of ways.  For Sophie, 4-H has made her “a person who is comfortable learning to do by doing”, which has benefited her in her career and made her a more successful, independent individual.  She is also currently leading three clubs that she didn’t participate in as a 4-H member. Learning how to conduct herself during meetings, at a young age, has helped her to transition into a community leader. Her 4-H experiences helped to shape her career path as well, as her first position out of university was with Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in the Agricultural Show Office where she was responsible as clerk, for a lot of the smaller agricultural competitions such as preserves, cheese, poultry, rabbits and more.

Sophie’s favourite 4-H memory goes back to when she was a 4-H member and at the age of 18 her 4-H Club represented their region for the first time at the Royal. As a non-competitive club, “it was a great experience” for them to compete at a provincial level and experience the Royal in that way.

When Sophie is not at 4-H or volunteering in the community, she enjoys gardening, curling, skiing and using her 4-H life skills in the kitchen!

Do you have questions for Sophie? Leave a comment below.  Are you a current member, volunteer or alumni that would like to be featured on the blog? Let us know by commenting or e-mailing us at!


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