Poultry Club Meeting #6

July 7, 2016

The Rockin’ Chick Flicks met for the first time since the chicks were distributed on June 16th. Some current events were discussed and the guest speaker joined in some discussion.

GUEST SPEAKER – Judy Krall presented a virtual tour (http://www.eggs.ca/onthefarm/farmer/10/dougand-judy-krall)representing the Egg Farmers of Ontario. She spoke about her chickens and how they are taken care of on the farm. 

  • She has 67,000 hens valued at $295/each. 
  • Two breeds are kept and each chicken is kept for a year. They cycle out every spring and fall; one group for each. 
  • Once the chickens leave the farm they are transported to a meat production facility.
  • All eggs are distributed locally in Ontario within a 100 mile radius of any location. 
  • Much of the farm is automated, able to keep tabs on temperature and humidity – getting signals to her iPad and iPhone. The automated systems also keeps track of the number of eggs. 
  • She provides a midnight feed to her chickens, and standard feed times as well. 
  • Eggs are collected 2 times/day.
  • There are two chicken barns which are surrounded by pea gravels to help keep the mice away. 
  • When the eggs are sorted, they go for grading at another facility; even the double yoked eggs. 
  • The appearance of deformed eggs was explained – the chicken holds onto the egg longer in a situation where it is sacred from something.

Lots of information was shared, good night to learn a lot! Once again thankful to have the opportunity to see and learn! To see how much the group knew a trivia game was played and later handouts were passed around for all.

The next Rockin’ Chick Flicks meeting is Judging Night July 27th in Ridgetown. There will be members of the Elgin poultry Club in attendance for the judging of some of their chickens.

Until Next Time,
Julie G.
Poultry Club Reporter


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