Merlin Community Club Meeting #4

A visit to The Flowerbed Greenhouse

By: Cora Vince

On the afternoon of Tuesday, June 21, the Merlin Community 4-H Field Crop and Garden Club visited the Flowerbed Greenhouse at the Blenheim location. The tour throughout the greenhouses was lead by Mrs. Fysh who is a member of the family owned business. There is another location of the Flowerbed Greenhouse found in Kent Bridge.

Lots of the plants start in small plastic trays that will move into larger trays, then into their own pots, depending on the size. Everything gets planted during February. All of the plants have different “habitats” and grow in different climates. The majority of the things sold at Flowerbed Greenhouse are also planted there. Although there are trees that are brought into the business after they have been planted. For example, the diplodenia are imported from Florida. Petunias are the currently the most common flower specifically the Wave Petunias. Geraniums are another very common flower.

Aside from selling different types of arrangements to their customers, Flowerbed also creates large pots for different towns, depending on the time of year. The pots consist of different breeds of flowers and colours for the different seasons or holidays. Some places where you may find the Flowerbed Greenhouses’ arrangements are Merlin, Thamesville, Blenheim and Erieau.

Flowerbed Greenhouse has a variety of beautiful plants and flowers, something for everyone!



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