Poultry Club Meeting #5

Rockin’ Chick Flicks – POULTRY FARM TOUR

The Rockin’ Chick Flicks had the opportunity to visit Mr. Graydanus’ Poultry Farm on Saturday, June 4th, 2016.

The Tour:


The club members started the tour by fitting into plastic boots to cover our shoes. This was to keep contaminants out of the barns.

 The group continued to the pullet (female chickens under 1yr) barn. The group entered and walked around to see the difference between the free roaming females and the fenced off males.
The group discovered the feeding and water apparatus’ and saw some of the pullets get stuck in the feeders due to them eating too much (crops are big), they cannot get out without help.
The adult chicken barn we got to see the difference in the birds and the egg extraction and sizing process. They were separating regular eggs from ones with double yolks and Mr. Graydanus showed everyone the difference between a fertilized and unfertilized egg.
The barns were interesting to view and very clean and organized. The food, water and temperature runs on automatic controls and are visible to workers via smartphones. (The watering process in the barns is considered to be closed, this means that there is little chance of bacteria growing).

A great experience was had by all members, and a big thank you to Mr. Graydanus for spending the morning with us (and for the yellow peppers)!

Notes: Next meeting is June 16th at Deb and John’s home. This meeting will likely be chick distribution night!!!!!!

Until next time,
Julie G.
Poultry Club Reporter Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 10.28.28 PM


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