Poultry Club Meeting #3

ROCKIN’ CHICK FLICKS 2016 4-H Poultry Club
Poultry Club Meeting May 11, 2016 Ridgetown College Campus
Guest Speaker: Bill Weaver How to care for chickens

Observe Your Birds 

Temperature – not too hot or cold, not in direct sun all the time

Water and Feed – Not to use a bowl for water because bedding could get into it. Use some sort of protected/sealed water container. For feeding can use egg carton or metal trough. Change water every day, feed as needed.

Cleanliness – Clean bedding as needed, “Show birds needs to ALWAYS be clean”. Farm birds can handle some dirt – not too much.

Safety/Security – do not keep in garage/shed due to raccoons, weasels, cats, rats or mice that could get into cage and eat chicks,

Health – Medicated food important as young chicks for sure. Avian flu – Viral infection of birds

Coccidiosis – A intestinal parasite

Activity– flying rubber chicken: need to name a part of a chicken then throw to someone else. This continued until all parts were named.

Until next time,
Julie G.
Poultry Club Reporter


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