Kent Centre Lifeskills Club Meeting #2

Meeting #2 by Rebecca Warwick

Our second meeting was held at St. Paul’s United Church on March.29th, 2016. Kat opened the meeting at 6:35pm with the 4-H pledge. Molly read the minutes of the last meeting which were adopted by Morgan and seconded by Julianna. Then Molly took attendance and the roll call was, “Name an hors d’oeuvres/appetizer.” Next we talked about our homework which was to make an invitation and we passed them around. After that we played some icebreaker games like wink murder and the human knot.

We made hors d’oeuvres in different groups and after they were finished being cooked we tried a sample of all of them. Then we talked about our me pages which were to be brought to the meeting and a few other things that needed to be in our manuals. We had elections for a club name and we just stuck with the Party Planners.

Kat adjourned the meeting at 8:43pm with Becca to second the motion. Our next meeting is at the same place on April, 12th, 2016 and it starts at 6:30pm.



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