Vet Club Meeting #1

4-H Vet Club – Meeting #1
Press Reporter – Sarah Campbell

The first meeting of the Chatham Kent 4-H Vet Club was held on February 29, 2016 at 7:00pm, being set at the University of Guelph, Ridgetown Campus. The meeting was commenced by leaders Marcia Vermey and Maureen McKerrall introducing the guest speaker for the night, Darryl Smith, who is an associate for Purina: Young Stock Signals. He is an advocator for cow signals who encourage longer life times for cattle and a better income for local farmers. His message pursued different ways to achieve this idea. The main idea revolved around the aspect of thriving for respect and appreciation for the milk industry, from the birth of new calves to the product they are eventually able to produce. Darryl also expanded upon the idea of proper care on dairy farms to prevent the deterioration of the animal, increasing their lifespan. Animals must be allotted proper space, ensuring they can stand and lay out with adequate room and comfort and confirm proper temperature for the animal. Furthermore, be aware of infections, identifying them by factors such as a swollen navel, discharge from the nose, and above all, condition of the eyes. Throughout the various stages: measuring calves, checking cycling, grouping, and other important factors, disease and conditions should be evaluated. Members than began the meeting portion of the night, reciting the 4-H pledge, and acquainting one another. Matthew Vermey, the youth leader of the club, had everyone introduce themselves and ran a game of Two Truths and a Lie. Then, elections were held, resulting in Matthew Vermey being President, Cassia Gillard filling the position of Vice-President, Lauren McKerrall as Secretary, the press-reporter is a roving position, and Bridon Coulter will be treasurer. Members also decided on the club name, “Hooves, Paws, and Claws.” The meeting concluded at 9:00pm, with Cassia Gillard making a motion to close the meeting, with Sarah Campbell seconding the motion.


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